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Friends Only.

Comment to remind me where I know you from, and I'll add you back. Whenever I don't procrastinate on it.
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Dear fellow fanfiction writing enthusiast,

First things first, thank you for signing up for Yuletide this year! Admittedly, this is my first time signing up, so I honestly feel like I don't know what I'm doing, and will politely ask for your patience. I'm aware that the letters aren't a requirement, so if you already have an idea in mind, please be aware that the only things I do not want to see are just related to NSFW things: Gore/Vore and Bathroom kinks. Beyond that, you're free to disregard the remainder of this letter.

The letter also discusses spoilers for the series involved, so that may be another reason to opt out (Sorry for not saying that sooner).

Again, thank you!

EDIT 10/10: I didn't realize they'd be sending requests out that fast. I'll throw down more rambling later but mostly I just love everyone I put on the request list and want this to be a mutually enjoyable experience for both of us. I'll be happy with whatever you do!

If you're continuing, I'll start with a quick intro:

I go by Sakuramacaron on AO3 (nothing posted here yet) and FF.net (Old, unbeta'd, NSFW things there). Most of the stuff done post-2010 has been anon fills for kink memes (this fic is safe for work)

Things I like:
  • Witty banter (when it's IC)

  • Humor (not required, it's a difficult genre to pull off and I won't ask someone to do what I can't even do)

  • Happy Endings

  • Trolling/Teasing (One-sided or a back and forth dynamic, depending on what's IC)

  • Girls topping their partners (sexually or not), who in turn love it

  • The subversion of gender stereotypes

  • Crossdressing

  • Vampire/Youkai/Dance AUs

  • Meta/Deconstruction

  • Dumb seiyuu in-jokes

  • Smut of both the PWP and with-plot variety

  • Hatesex

Hard "No"s:
  • Gore/Vore

  • Bathroom kinks

Second-person narrative isn't really my thing, but not enough to put it on the list. If that's your jam, don't feel a need to change your style; I'll be fine.

Fandom/Request-specific information beyond this point:

Dangan Ronpa 3: The End of Kibougamine Gakuen - Kirigiri Kyouko, Naegi Makoto

Request: I really love the dynamic Kirigiri and Naegi have and how it has evolved to what we see in DR3. Naegi didn't refute Munakata's implications about his feelings for Kirigiri, and he seemed deeply affected by her near-death, so what led to viewing her as more than a friend/classmate and boss? After getting literally burned (and possibly figuratively), what encourages Kirigiri to put her trust in Naegi?

I'd also be interested in reading something set either before the Final Killing Game or after it of them just being themselves, maybe daily life in the 14th Branch office or new Hope's Peak, or resolving a problem together.

If you'd prefer something less DR3 plot-related, AUs are also fine, as long as it's mostly lighthearted their dynamic of trust (and occasional teasing) is maintained.

Otherwise, porn with or without plot would be great, but is definitely not required.

Fun fact: Kirigiri was not my favorite character when I first got into Danganronpa; but the smatterings of teasing jabs she throws at Naegi during the investigations and Free Time Events, the double-standards she stacks in her favor, her intelligence and seemingly detached competence juxtaposed by her emotional decision to put herself through hell to "settle the score" with her father make her an interesting and wonderfully complex character. She's a queen, I love her.

Of the two, Naegi seems to be more accommodating, mindful of Kirigiri's feelings and sort of rolls with her whims, even when it puts him at a disadvantage. She pretty much threw him under the bus in DR1 and he wasn't vindictive or petty about it. What he lacks in physical strength he makes up for in a firm (if naive and occasionally wrong) belief in the goodness in others and in cooperation. He takes friendship seriously sticks to his guns in defense of a friend, even if it will anger someone else. He's adorable in the way small things that need protection are.

They seem to balance each other out nicely. They also seem to have rubbed off a little on each other: Kirigiri seems more comfortable around friends and open about her feelings (although I also think she did that to test Mitarai's reaction). Naegi subjecting himself to the suicide video seems like the kind of risk Kirigiri might have taken in pursuit of the truth.

tl;dr, I love them, especially together. If you're up for that, awesome. If not, that's cool too.

Joker Game - Miyoshi, Sakuma

Request: The contrast between Miyoshi and Sakuma is interesting and it's cool to see how they clash and also how they managed to work together. It would be nice to see more of either side, set at any point before Miyoshi's departure for Germany. Whether that's addressed or not is up to you, but I'd prefer something free of angst.

Some kind of modern or fantasy AU where they have to work together for a common goal could be fun.

Genfic or a pairing of any rating would be A-OK and I honestly don't have a preference.

Ahh, Miyoshi is so cool. It's interesting when you consider that he's one of two members of D-Agency who volunteered to join. He's intelligent, confident, narcissistic, but competent and smooth as hell. He seems to give off this poster child of D-Agency vibe, but it's also nice to see how Sakuma can earn his respect when he manages to think outside the soldier box. The official Police Department AU had him as a snarker at Sakuma but also played his narcissism for laughs.

I think Sakuma is a great contrast to Miyoshi (I like Miyoshi more, admittedly). He's not naive, but certainly idealistic and kind of a romantic in the sense that dying reunites one with their comrades. It was interesting to watch him and the D-Agency spies clash, having his world kind of upended as they whack him with a reality stick. The experience seems to have altered him for the better and it was cool to see him want to move in his own direction.

Fate/Grand Order
Request: The way Female Protag/Gudako is portrayed in the tutorial manga is equal parts cute, over the top and awful. I'd love to see a gen or pairing fic of any rating between her and any servant or servants.

Otherwise, Dantes and Nightingale are cool and exploring their dynamic beyond their story arc could be interesting. It would be fun if Gudako were also worked in either directly or indirectly, but it's also perfectly fine to leave her out.
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I threw this on my plurk, but feel free to leave prompts for me to write or doodle about.
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An actual conversation that happened:

Mom: So it's that time of year again...
Me: Another secular holiday card?
Mom: Yup. I want an angel!
Me: Um...
Mom: Let's make her Asian.
Me: Sure...

Please post your address below for your Totally Secular Holiday Angel Card (tm). Regrettably, I will not be doing baked goods this year due to fiscal and time constraints.

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